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The Secret Beach by Karlie67

I like the composition of this piece, but I also feel that the mermaids are not fully integrated into the scene. I would suggest showin...



the glitter of your lies
This is probably one of the most painfully personal pieces I've made lately. I don't know that I understand all of it entirely yet, or have the words to give it the statement it deserves right now, but I will try. It's easy to look at the world in simple terms, black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. It's easy to think of people, even ourselves as one or the other. And it's easy to write off our exes as evil, bad people who hurt us. Because that hate is the easy way to ignore the ache of a broken heart, and forget how deeply you love. But all relationships are both good and bad, both people make mistakes, both hurt each other, and in the end, there is no easy way to pick up the pieces, to reconcile truth from lies, to move on. Because no matter how destructive and toxic things may have become, there is always the memory of how good they once were. This is my attempt to grapple with the confusion of those feelings; love, hate, loss, betrayal, heartbreak, longing, anger, etc. And I don't even know if it's done yet. But I had to start somewhere.

Resources: Apophysis 7x, Photoshop CS6

model: Goth Stock by :iconsamisox-stock:
texture: broken glass on Morgue File

All other photographs or textures were created by myself or given to me to use as part of my personal collection.
TARDIS - The Third Doctor by girl-withagun
TARDIS - The Third Doctor
Yet another TARDIS, this one is for my old school Who favourite, the Third Doctor. Given the Third Doctor's story arc of being stuck on Earth without access to a working TARDIS, I decided my Third Doctor TARDIS would represent that: the mind of a clever Time Lord piecing together physics, quantum mechanics, and other sciences in his unparalleled mind to solve the problems of space-time and get his TARDIS working again. As such, I did a lot of research and included many formulas relating to space-time, time travel, wormholes, and physics. I even asked a physicist friend for her input (thanks, Elise!!!) to make sure it was as accurate as possible. Of course, many of the formulas are in classic Gallifreyan, after all, it's not like the Doctor would be thinking in English. And yes, I translated them. :) This is my most elaborate and favourite TARDIS of all.

special thanks to

 :iconjesselax: for the amazing TARDIS source file! (I modified it to be correct to the third doctor's prop model).

Media: Photoshop CS6, Apophysis, Illustrator CS6

all other resources are part of my personal collection
Once again, I decided it's been too long since I've posted anything and should upload all the art I've made recently! (since I last posted, LOL) :)
TARDIS series - The Eleventh Doctor by girl-withagun
TARDIS series - The Eleventh Doctor
Yet another TARDIS, this one is for the Eleventh Doctor. Since Moffat himself said that his story arc was a fairy tale, I wanted to really capture that fairy tale feeling in this piece. Of course, I had to add the crack in the universe.

special thanks to

 :iconjesselax: for the amazing TARDIS source file! (I modified it to be correct to the 2005 prop model).
:iconluminya: for the amazing nebula and star bruses!!

Media: Photoshop CS6, Apophysis, Illustrator CS6

all other resources are part of my personal collection
the empty space where our love once lived by girl-withagun
the empty space where our love once lived
This piece just sort of appeared in my head. The lyrics to Crucify by Tori Amos had been running through my mind and suddenly I knew I needed to create a piece around an empty cage and a dead bird. I had a photograph I had staged at an abandoned motel that became the perfect backdrop, and from there the symbolism just sort of poured out of my subconscious. There's quite a lot of meaning and narrative going on here, but I will leave that to you to interpret. Take from this what you will.

floral frame by Wings of Whimsy
swallow by The Graphics Fairy
birdcage by camelfobia

All other resources used were created by myself
    Somewhere along the way I acquired the belief (probably from my sperm-donor) that my talents and skills were worthless unless I was using them to make money. I struggled with that as a long time until I experienced a life-changing trauma that made me realize art was the one thing that had always made me happy.
    So I quit graphic design and started studying fine art - and decided to save myself (and somehow the world) with it. But I never lost that idea that there were rules about art. That artists were poor, or they wold out. That there were artists and Artists. Going to get my BFA didn't really change this idea. The educational art institution kind of encourages you to think that way. And I felt good telling myself I was an Artist. even when I had to work 40 hours a week while doing it. But I was still missing something.
    You see, the reason my sperm donor would yell at me about making art (even though he encouraged my writing - go figure) was because I was self taught - which meant comic books, cartoons, and fan art. I copied and innovated (as we all did). None of that was Art, or "worth anything" and I was "wasting my time."
    As an adult, my art department (and this might be because I didn't take illustration) also discouraged that sort of thing. Nobody was going to take your portfolio seriously if you didn't make serious art. So I made serious art. Very serious art. I made art that made people sick and want to cry, and while it was good to get it out - I had a hard time making art that wasn't dark. And when I finally did, it was pretty hard. I finally picked quasi-religious art because, quite honestly, Art History had taught me it was a pretty valid topic to make art about. In this way my bodhisattvas were the beginning - but a painful and slow one. It used to take me two weeks to make one. And with each one I grew faster and more confident - exactly like the physics concepts I named their collective presence after. But that still wasn't quite enough. Because I stopped making art for a long time.
    So... here I was some ten years into this idea of accepting and owning my life path as an artist. And it was hard. I was stuck. In the two and a half years since finishing my BFA, I made a whole four pieces of art (compared to the minimum of sixteen I was making on average per year doing school. But then my wonderful boyfriend said he really wanted to see some Doctor Who art in my style. Especially a TARDIS in the time vortex...
    So I set aside the rules (and the little voices in my head that were judging me) and made my first TARDIS. And then I started churning out art. And being really excited. And loving every single piece I make. It felt like something in me finally broke free from its cage and started singing. Since starting this series I have been happier with myself and my art than I ever have been. Because I have finally allowed myself to make art about the other thing that has always brought me happiness - fandom. Which brings me to my round-a-bout point - that art and Art - are what we make. Literally. That's it. Whatever I make. It's art. No judgement. No guilt. No pressure. Just the delightful childish glee of exploring new ways of working and doing things, of stretching my skills and my brain - of inspiring others and doing what I LOVE. (and ironically - the money has already started to follow). :heart:



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Maya Renée
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am a neo-gothic installation artist specializing in Digital Media and Fibers. I also moonlight as a graphic artist designing t-shirts for a geek clothing company.

I've been making art since I could hold a pen or pencil; it has been the one constant in my chaotic life and has literally saved my life. I live to make art; I couldn't stop any more than I could stop breathing.

I have a BFA in cross-disciplinary studies and plan on earning a master's as well as a PhD. In the mean time, I'm learning about life after undergraduate and how to make art on my own terms.

My work is largely about mental and emotional issues as it has been a vehicle for me to heal from severe trauma and mental illness. My work often focuses on suffering - that of myself and others. It is a means to express frustrations both personal and global and attempt to create change in myself and the world. Thus my work is also about the transformation from suffering to transcendence and the role of the individual in this change.

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